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How to prepare for a cake smash

1. Plan the outfit prior the day of the photoshoot

- You'll want to be prepared as best as you can before your photoshoot happens. Giving yourself time to choose an outfit and any extra accessories allows you to explore different ideas and schemes for the photoshoot. This will help you feel more prepared the day of and help the photoshoot go as smooth as possible. I'd advise you to pick an outfit you are fine with getting messy and isn't a hassle getting cake out of it.

2. Come with a backup outfit

- There is always a chance that something might not work out or feel right the day of the photoshoot. Maybe you've changed your mind last minute on the outfit you chose. Coming with a backup outfit or outfits allows variety and choice for you. Kids can be unpredictable and if something happens to the outfit you've chosen, you'll want to have something extra just in case.

3. Bring wipes and a change of clothes

- Cake can be messy and chances are your child will be a part of making the mess. Cake smashes are supposed to be an interactive and fun experience for your child. Getting messy is a part of the fun process. It is important to bring something extra for your child to change into so they're not going home with cake all over themselves. Bringing an extra pair of clothes for yourself is also important if your get caught up in the mess of it all. Wipes are handy to have on you too.

4. Have your child get involved with cake prior to the photoshoot

- If your child isn't familiar with cake or food with lots of sugar in it, chances are they won't be as interactive in the cake that you want them to be. Prior to the photoshoot, have your child get a sense of what cake is if they haven't been involved with it before. Have your child get a grasp of what the photoshoot will be like. This will help with great results the day of the photoshoot as your child is familiar with the cake and the process.

5. Bring your child's favorite toys and snacks

- Sometimes children might be disinterested in the cake and the session. Maybe your child isn't having a great day and doesn't want to participate in the photoshoot. Bringing along toys and snacks that their interested in and make them happy allows comfort and familiarity in your child's surroundings. Bringing along some water to the session also helps if your child is having trouble eating the cake.

6. Let the photographer know if you have a theme or color scheme in mind

- Communication is key between the photographer and yourself. Planning out the photoshoot and working out ideas that you have with your photographer will give you the best results. Perhaps you might want the cake and your child's outfit to match and coordinate with the backdrop. Maybe you have a certain theme you want to follow with. Letting your photographer know these things helps everyone feel prepared and ready for the day of the photoshoot.

7. Trust the process and go with the flow

- If your photographer is experienced in cake smashes, trusting their instincts will go a long way. Just know that your photographer knows what they're doing if they've done a cake smash before. Trusting their insights and tips they give you will help the photoshoot go smoothly as possible. Maybe your child needs a minute before getting back into the cake smash. Going with the flow and staying patient on what your child wants will go a long way in your cake smash.

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