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  • Amanda Chesher

My 5 favorite petite sessions

As the Niagara Region Queen of Minis, I offer these sessions years round. From holidays to the annual photo settings, each season offers something amazing and fun!

While each session has something amazing to offer, of course, I have my favorites. Here are my top 5.

Lilac Fields

These mark the first full bloom, warm, predictably nice weather! The fields, grass and trees all around are lush with foliage after a long winter of indoor sessions. It is a total break from the cabin fever. It just feels good to be outside! The fields are filled with lush blooms, soft purple, deep purple and creamy white. Not only are these fields a feast for the eyes but all the senses. The fields smell so divine.

Maybe my love for lilac stems from my mother, they are her favorite flower. I remember being very young, around kindergarten age. We lived on a farm and along the one side of house, diving the home from a large field where my father had a vegetable garden, was a whole wall of lilacs that ran the length of the front yard. My dad had cut out a door shaped hole for us reach the garden on the other side. My mom would fill the house with vases of the flowers. Fond memories.

Easter with the Bunnies

I mean... come on... who doesn't love bunnies! I sometimes will have chicks to. But either way I love being able to get in some quality cuddle time with these baby animals and the kiddos love it too!

Aside from adorable animals, these are my second most popular mini set of the year, after Christmas of course. Usually bringing in between 60 to 80 clients in one week. I love the adorable outfits the kids come in. The little bow ties for the boys, frilly dresses for the girls and overalls!

Fall Petites

Autumn sessions are popular in general. And for good reason. For starters it seems to be every woman's favorite season. But the colours! Oh the colours! The world is so beautiful with some bright yellows and oranges and deep reds, it makes for a truly stunning back drop.

No to mention...

The outfits

The boots/shoes

The mood

The skies!

There is so much to love about fall sessions.

Not to mention, fall coincides with spooky season, which is my absolute favorite time of year.

Christmas Minis

This is an easy one. It's CHRISTMAS!!!

These are easily the top fan favorite session among my clients which easily translates to me. I Love the hustle! It's not just about the day of Christmas, there is something about the whole season, weeks leading up to the holiday, that is just magical. You can't help but get into the feels! For six weeks, the studio is engulfed in the holiday magic, welcoming over 150 clients each season, some years even 200!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays (after Halloween of course!) I love the lights, the décor, the baking. Heck! I get right into wrapping the gifts in elaborate bows! So of course this session is on my top five.

Sunflower Patches

The happiest of all flowers. While I offer many different floral based sessions, the sunflowers are a newer/ish addition to the rotation. These sessions grew quickly to becoming high demand. Compared to other floral sessions, what sets these apart is the range of levels I can get. Shots from above the fields, with all the bobbing yellow faced flowers looks just as amazing as being in the thick, jungle like stalks of the flowers. They grow in tight formations which really help utilize space.

Honorable mentions include:

Lavender fields


Christmas tree farms

I offer so many limited edition petites, its hard to narrow down to five, there is a place in my heart for all of them.

If you would like to book a mini or see what is being offered for the time of year, check out

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