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Niagara boudoir

BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY:  You have questions, I have answers.


Too many women have self image problems and lack confidence when it comes to the way they look. The thing about women is we are beautiful, and we all should feel beautiful being who we are. Boudoir and glamour sessions have the ability to make someone feel amazing about how they look. Doesn’t matter your shape, size, height, skin color or age, boudoir and glamour shoots are for everyone. Beauty does not discriminate. Partake in a boudoir or glamour session if....



1) You want to reward yourself for transforming your body after having a baby, or after athletic training.

2) Boost self confidence.

3) Sexy and unique gifts for your loved one

4) You are only young once, so have some photos so when you are 80 years old you can look back and say "Damn! My ass was hot!"

5) Do something for yourself for a change! These sessions are fun and you will feel like a queen!


Q: Boudoir. Pornography. What’s the difference?


A: Well for starters Boudoir is suggestive, while porn is... well you know. And you don’t have to be complete nude or revel anything at all when it comes to boudoir photographs. One of the most important things about being sexy is being confident. If you feel that way wearing jeans, by all means, wear jeans! Or a button down men’s dress shirt. Sure why not? Classy, suggestive, and flirty.


Q: Can you Photoshop my images?


A: If you would like to have say, stretch marks, a scar, that unwanted, embarrassing tattoo from when you were 16 removed. Sure that is do-able. If you want an image turned black and white or made sepia. Sure again there is no problem with that either. However please keep in mind that photography is an art form. Please do not ask for the background colors to be changed and add a boarder of stars around the picture and through in this quote about stars and moons. For those types of things, use your Iphone with your own images.


Q: What about hair and makeup?


A: For the most part, clients do their own hair and makeup. These images are supposed to reflect you! Do your make as you like. If you would like a profession stylist to do your hair, I do have packages that offer this service.


Q: Are my photos going to end up on the internet?


A: I understand that these images are more intimate then your standard garden variety portrait so, Not if you don’t want them too. Icing Sugar Photography only uses your photos for advertising and online portfolio purposes with your say. It is completely okay if you wish to keep your images private.





If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to touch base.

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