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What are Adventure sessions? Niagara Photography Services

Introducing a new session type to my services

Embark on a Journey of Discovery with Adventure Sessions.

Are you ready to uncover the hidden gems nestled in the heart of your very own backyard? Our Adventure Sessions are your gateway to exploring the natural wonders that lie just beyond your doorstep. So often I will arrive at a location and my clients will exclaim, "I didn't even know this was here!'. What amazing places are you missing?

These sessions are not your typical, run-of-the-mill experiences; they are a series of carefully curated explorations designed to reveal the beauty and serenity of local parks, transforming them into treasured landscapes brimming with adventure.

These sessions are crafted to fit perfectly into your schedule, providing an affordable luxury that bridges the gap between our brief mini sessions and the more extensive, customized experiences. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature without breaking the bank. Priced at $170 with 8 digital photos, they are more then a mini but more time and budget friendly then a customized, standard session.

The Niagara Region has tons to explore! Each location has unique qualities and characteristics that make them great for all different needs! Some are great hiking locations, others rich in the vast history of the area, some sunny fields, others lush forested areas.

With forested areas lined with grass, a beautiful beach landscape in Niagara
Charles Daly Beach

Let's begin with Woodend, a breathtaking conservation area that boasts sweeping vistas of Lake Ontario and the escarpment slopes. Here, history whispers through the trees, echoing tales from the War of 1812 where Woodend served as a strategic observation point. Today, it offers a peaceful retreat with trails that meander through meadows and forests, inviting you to discover its enchanting beauty.

Lets explore on July 3rd

Unqiue Rock features of a stunning Niagara Region park
Natural formations of Woodend

Next on our journey is the majestic Queenston Heights. Perched high atop the Niagara Escarpment, this historic park offers more than just leisure; it's a testament to the bravery and history of the region. With its lush picnic areas, tennis courts, and the iconic Brock's Monument, Queenston Heights is a place where nature and history converge to create a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Our adventure begins on July 20th

Leading path way in Niagara Region makes for stunning photographs
Queenston Heights Staircase

Our Adventure Sessions are more than just walks in the park; they are a celebration of the natural world, a chance to connect with the environment and create lasting memories. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious newcomer, these sessions are tailored to ignite your sense of wonder and adventure.

So, why wait? Book your Adventure Session today and start exploring the treasures that await in your own backyard. Let's embark on this journey together and discover the unexplored, one step at a time.


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