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How to make photo sessions easy for kids

Kids are unpredictable and unique in their own way on how they react with certain places and people they've never been to. Every child has their own comfort zone and length of how far their attention span goes. If your child isn't familiar with the location your going to, who the photographer is, or even being photographed at all, this blog with help you out with some pointers to have your session run as smooth and easy as possible.

Prepare your child for the photo session

First things first, if your child is on a strict routine on either nap time or snack time, make sure you plan your session around the time that works best for their schedule. Any interference in when they nap and eat can cause irritation and confusion for your child especially if they're still an infant. Best way to prepare them is to let your child know ahead of time where and when their going for their photos. Communicate with them about what their going to do and who's going to be there with them. Is allows them to get a sense of what's happening in their day ahead of time.

Interact and familiarize them with their favorite things

Being asked to smile, pose, and look at this flashing camera can be scary to some children. Getting them to warm up and feel comfortable in their environment will help assist your child with the general flow of the photo session. Think about some of their favorite topics their passionate about like books, television, or music. Kids can feel overwhelmed when handed a task to do especially if it involves staying still. I great thing to keep in mind is bringing something they can interact with like a toy.

Jokes, laughter, and all the things silly

When in doubt, turn into a jokester. From a kids perspective, even the littlest things can be hilarious like sneezing for example! Funny noises and movements can help catch your child's attention to the camera and smile over how silly your being. Kids are prone to laugh and smile over the simplest of things. This method can be more affective when its over exaggerated and or bringing in a funny toy for them to look at. Familiarize yourself with things that your child finds funny and be prepared to show of your jokester skills if necessary.

Having fun and being comfortable is encouraged

When a kid hears their going to have a photo session done it doesn't sound the most appealing to them most of the time. Making the photo session into a fun environment for your kid to enjoy and feel comfortable in is the best possible way for them to interact more and feel most themselves capturing genuine smiles of joy across their face. Explore what works for your child during a photo session and what would make them feel most comforted.

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