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How to prepare for your Christmas Petites

Jingle bells! Your Christmas session is just around the corner, so what is next?

Let's help you be as best prepared for your session as best as you can be! As a professional photographer of 12 years, I'm here to help with a few tips and tricks.

What to wear

This is the most asked question I get when it comes to any session. For these sessions, formal wear and pjs are the most popular options. I do recommend, as always to stay away from patterns, especially if there are several people in the session. The more patterns, the busier the photos. I highly discourage stripes. Thin striped patterns can create something called 'The moire effect'. Moiré effect is a visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that is superimposed on another set of lines or dots. It is very noticeable and very difficult to remove from photos, if at all depending on the pattern, in editing soft wear. Also avoid distinguishable logos and graphics as they are also distracting. That being said... buffalo plaid is an exception! This year, our sets will great with reds, silvers, golds and greens. When in doubt, go with neutrals (creams, greys whites). Colours to avoid would be, purple, orange and yellow.

To give you some ideas, I've put together a Pinterest board with some outfit inspirations.

Prepare your child

Let your child know what is up coming and what is expected of them. Practice posing and smiling. Be sure to break in any new shoes. Show them pictures of the set even can be helpful. Even putting them in their outfits can help prepare them, especially if your child is shy, this is their first time having professional photos taken or their visit to the studio.

Expect the unexpected

It can be frustrating and disappointing when your child doesn't want to co-operate. But the thing is, you can't force them to sit and smile if they really don't to. Your child is a little person who experiences big person feelings and sometimes they don't know how to express or verbalize those feelings. Being in a strange place with a lot going on can be very overwhelming for them. Sometimes it is best to have just let the child interact with the set. The more you try to force them to sit and perform, the worst it is going to go. But the good news is sometimes those are the best photos! And it's a true reflection of your child in that moment. Are they going through that stage where they make the funny face cheese smile. That's all a part of learning to smile for the camera and its real!

With this in mind, it a good idea to be prepared for all situations. If your child is shy, please let me know of a song, tv show or subject that might allow me to connect to your child. I once had a little boy become my best friend over superheroes. Paw patrol? Frozen? The dreaded baby shark? Forming that connection with a new person can allow your child to feel safe.

I'm not above bribing. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement every now and then. I do keep some small candies (peanut free items) for this reason.

The DON'Ts

There are some things to look for before you leave the house? What items to currently have you that you do not want in the photos? So examples would be:

-apple watches

-fake tattoos and stickers

-Stockings/socks with holes

-baseball hats

-hair elastics


These are things that should be left at home, if not, in the car.

Game plan

Make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive to your session on time. Minis, petites, limited edition sessions, whatever your photographer calls them, are booked back-to-back in timed intervals so it is important to arrive on time. Place the outfits out the night before. Check the directions to see how much time it takes to arrive. Leave a packed bag by the door, ready to go for the next day. And if you have a little one, plan around nap times and meals. Not just to arrive on time but also to ensure your child is in a great mood. I know I become a hangry she wolf when I miss my snack (don't we all?)

If you are still looking for a spot for our holiday sessions, check out this link

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