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  • Amanda Chesher

How to prepare for your newborn session

As a photographer there is a lot of prep work that goes into a newborn sessions.

I, myself have had hours of classes and lessons on how to safely pose each babe the comes through my doors. I make sure the room is nice and toasty warm so that babe is comfortable. I have lots props and backdrops and wraps so that I can keep using a requested colour scheme is babe goes to the bathroom on a backdrop of such.

But there are also some important things for parents to do that aid in the success of a newborn shoot. So what are the best pieces of advice for parents before a newborn session?

1) What is the best time to bring in babe for their session?

We have all seen those super adorable, curly baby poses where babe is all balled up! Super cute right? Well there is a small window of time that allows for those poses to be achievable and that is usually between the first two weeks of life. Is it still possible to have a newborn session after this time? Yes of course, however certain poses might not be possible after that. Babies become more alert and are no longer as flexible as they get older.

2) Sleepy babe.

For best results babies should be nice and sleepy. Try your best to keep babe awake for a few hours before the sessions. Face time or baths are great options. Photographers will understand if this is not possible.

3) Full tummies

Milk drunk babies will be more cooperative and content. Try to do half a feed before the session (before you leave for the studio) and the rest once you arrive, or do a full feeding when the photographer arrives. When in strange places babies may feel the need to feed more, like wise during growth spurts. So be prepared with more formula or pre pumped breast milk, or to do multiple feedings during the session.

4) Be comfortable.

Be prepared to stay in the studio for a mini of two hours or longer. Babies control the session so depending on how well they sleep, how their tummies are, how hungry they are, the shoot can take more time. Also the studio is kept very warm. Babies have been used to being nice and warm in the womb so the studio is controlled to replicated that for comfort reason. While babe will love it, it can be uncomfortable for parents. Wear light clothing or dress in layers.

5) Carry extras

While most studios have extra blankets, wipes, diapers and the like it is always a good idea to bring some of your own, especially if your babe has sensitive skin issues. You may also want to bring a change of clothing for yourself. Naked babies and in between changes can mean babe will go the bathroom...possibly on you! LOL. It happens!

6) Don't feel bad!

If you baby does happen to pee or poop during the session, in the wrap, on the backdrop, on the photographer. Don't feel bad! It happens and as photographers we expect that happen and are prepared for clean up and have extra backdrops, wraps and props on standby!

If you ever have concerns or questions or even requests (like poses or props) feel free to ask your photographer! We are happy to answer questions and address any concerns you might have. Above all else, we want you and the baby to feel comfortable and safe.

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