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  • Amanda Chesher

Things to look for in a photographer

1. Experience in photography

- Looking at what a photographer specializes in gives you a sense of different options and information. You should look at how many years they've been a photographer and any training they have had in the past. Knowing what types of photoshoots they've done and how often they do photography gives you a run down on what they are good at doing and what types of sessions they offer for people.

2. Positive reviews and outcomes

- The best way to learn about a photographer you're looking into is to talk to someone who has done business with them before. Getting a personal experience from someone helps paint a picture on what the photographer is like. Reading reviews online also goes a long way. Researching and gathering information can help you learn more about them and how other people liked or didn't like working with them. Results on photoshoots are also great to look at.

3. Quality and consistency

- If you're planning on getting a certain type of photoshoot, look back on the photographer's profile and see the quality of their images on how it turned out. Taking a glance and deep dive into the photographer's profiles and accounts, allows you to really look at what consistency they have in their photos. It allows you to look at their editing styles, preference of lighting, and backgrounds in different locations of the sessions they have done.

4. Their Location

- Researching goes a long way in regards to looking for a photographer. Going online and seeing what locations their familiar with and that they offer can help educate you on what types of variety is available to you. Finding out where their located and where they have their studio gives you a sense to plan out the distance from each other and what's close by. Finding out what works your you and your photographer is extremely beneficial to what you are looking for specifically.

5. Editing Style

- Taking a deep look into the photographer's editing style and what their finished product images look like is a great way for you to see what exactly you're looking for in regards to your photoshoot. Every photographers editing style and ways to editing are different. Maybe you're looking for bright colorful images or dark images with shadows. Looking at what photographers specialize in and what their editing style looks like helps you depict what you want your images to look like.

6. Personality

- Getting to know your photographer and what they're like helps you get a grasp on their social skills and how well they work with people. Finding out if their good with kids from past clients or reviews online gives you a sense on how friendly they are and if they make a comfortable environment for your kids during the photoshoot. You can contact them through whichever ways you like and get a sense of who they are before you book a photoshoot with them too.

7. Professionalism

- Reading into your photographer and learning more about them helps you get to know who they are. Knowing if they take their job serious or not is a key factor to find out before you contribute to their business. You can find this out by reading into reviews or even looking at their profiles and accounts online and how their set up. Look into if it's easy to find their contact information and location.

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