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What to wear to a family photo session

Whether you have a big or small family, maintaining a sense of rhythm and coordination with your outfits will bring out aesthetically pleasing photos in the end. Not sure where to start? This blog will touch upon important do's and don'ts when planning your outfits and preparing for your awaited family photo session!

Keep in mind the location of your session

Fall, winter, spring, or summer what colors would fit I wonder? One thing you don't want is to clash with colors around you. It's important to think about what will be apart of your session whether that be props or what's involved in the location around you. What the weather will also have a tie into your session and the prep. If its chilly outside, plan your outfits for your comfort during the session.

Being comfortable with your outfits as best as possible

Nobody wants to feel like their constantly re-adjusting a piece of clothing, tightening shoe laces, or fixing hair clips. Showing up to your session prepared and comfortable will allow your family to have a smooth going experience. Something to keep in mind when choosing outfits is the quality of the clothing. Children can get adjugated easily when it comes to wearing something that doesn't fit them or if something is causing them to itch. Checking sizes and materials when coordinating your outfits is something to keep in mind. This doesn't just apply to children. Is your outfit too tight you can see your underwear lines? Does your underwear/bra straps show? Photoshop isn't always the solution.

When in doubt, stick to the neutrals

White, grey, beige, tan, cream, etc. These colors are your best friend when putting together quick coordinated outfits. These colors also go well with just about any backdrop, (all depending on the location of course.) When working with neutral colors, they tend to look more aesthetically pleasing to ones eye. If your someone who has a big family and you can find matching outfits in the specific color you wanted, when in doubt remember neutrals.

Avoid neon and graphic tees

When looking at a family portraits, where do you want your attention to go? Everyone's stunning smiley faces of course! When coordinating outfits, you don't want peoples attention clashing into your clothing. Try and stay away from funky patterns and anything neon. Everyone's end goal is to bring to life the joy and smiles on your families faces. No one wants to look at a image and decipher what's on some ones article of clothing.

Think about family groupings

Not everyone is going to be wearing the same thing and that's okay! Choosing who is in what outfit though can be a bit tricky. Before you even go to your photo session keep in mind what kind of photos you want. One with all the kids, one with mom and dad, one with the grandparents, etc. Its important to know what groupings in photos you want as it ties into the coordination of your families attire. For colours... think the same way. Families of colours. Creams, jewel tones, darks, lights, pastels.

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